Peacock Subtitles Not Working – Here’s How to Fix

Peacock provides subtitles with its content to help viewers understand and enjoy their content more. But many viewers have faced the trouble of Peacock subtitles not working properly on their device which can be quite troubling for the users. 

However, you can fix this issue by following some simple methods such as Restarting your device, enabling closed captions, updating your app, and more. 

Why Peacock Subtitles Not Working

In general, peacock subtitles work just fine however, few users have faced issues with subtitles when working on their Peacock tv. There can be multiple reasons behind subtitles not working such as: 

  • Subtitle package not available for the particular video
  • Bad connection 
  • Technical issues
  • The App is not being updated
  • Subtitles not enabled
  • Corrupted files and data  
  • Closed captions is turned off 

How to Fix Peacock Subtitles Not Working

You can easily solve the issue of peacock subtitles not working on your device by following these simple methods: 

Recheck Subtitles 

Your subtitles might not be working on your device because the changes made in the subtitles settings might not have been saved. Therefore, it’s suggested you recheck that you have enabled the subtitle settings on Peacock TV. 

Refresh your Page 

If subtitles are not appearing on your Peacock TV then we suggest refreshing your page on your PC. If you are streaming Peacock TV on your Android or iPhone then simply exit the app and restart it again after waiting for 30 seconds. Once you have refreshed your page or reopened your app try starting the subtitles again by clicking on the subtitle setting and choosing your preferred subtitle language. 

Change your device 

Technical issues in your device can cause subtitle issues on Peacock tv. Therefore, you should try changing your device and streaming peacock tv content on a different device. If you are using Chrome then you can try using Firefox, Opera, Safari, and more. 

No subtitle available 

It could be possible that the content you are streaming doesn’t have any subtitles package for the show or film. You can try playing any other peacock tv content on your device to check whether subtitles are appearing or not. If subtitles are appearing on other videos then it’s possible the subtitles package isn’t provided on that particular content. 

Update your Peacock App

If your subtitles are not working on your Peacock app then it could be because your app is not updated with the version which is causing troubles while streaming content. 

You can update your Peacock app by following these steps: 

  • Open Playstore/Appstore on your phone 
  • Click on the Profile icon 
  • Tap “Manage apps and device”
  • Click on Peacock TV 
  • If you witness an update available then click on update and install the app 

Contact the Help Center of Peacock 

If you have tried every possible trick to fix subtitles issues and still subtitles won’t appear on your screen then you should connect with Peacock tv’s help center. You can either write them an email explaining your issues or directly call their customer service team and express the issue you are facing on Peacock TV. 


Peacock Subtitles Not Working Roku

If peacock subtitles are not working with Roku then we suggest you enable closed captioning on Roku settings. Unlike other devices Roku contains a separate closed caption in the settings which needs to be enabled to turn on subtitles here’s how you can do it: 

  • Select the “Home” button on your remote  
  • Click on “Settings” 
  • Select “Accessibility” and navigate to the “Captions Menu”
  • Now, click on “On Always” to enable captions on your screen

That’s it, now open Peacock, select any content and check if subtitles are working on Peacock TV. 

Peacock Subtitles Not Working Ps4

If Peacock subtitles are not working on Ps4 then we suggest you turn off your Ps4 and restart it after a few seconds and then enable subtitles and closed captions on Peacock. If this doesn’t work we suggest you contact the help center of Peacock.  

Peacock Subtitles Not Working Firestick

If subtitles are not working on Firestick then we suggest turning on closed captioning on settings on your Firestick. For this simply click on the menu button on your firestick remote menu options will be enabled, click on settings, select accessibility, Click on Closed captions and turn it on. Now that closed captioning is also turned on, go back to peacock tv, choose your preferred content, and check if the subtitles are working. 

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Not having subtitles can be annoying for many users, especially international audiences and people with hearing difficulties. However, by following the above-mentioned solutions you can fix this issue and carry on watching your favorite content. We hope this article has helped solve all your queries. If there are any additional questions then let us know in the comments. 

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