Fix Netflix Subtitles Not Working

Netflix allows its users to stream content with various subtitles languages. However, people often have faced the issue of subtitles not being enabled on their devices. But you can fix this issue by following simple measures such as clearing corrupted data, checking the server, trying another browser, and more. 

Here we are going to mention all the methods that can help you fix Netflix subtitles not working on the device. 

Why Netflix Subtitles Not Working

It’s common for Netflix users to face a few issues with subtitles. In most cases, Technical issues are the significant reason behind this problem. Along with technical issues, other major reasons for subtitles not working are: 

Server not working

Subtitle language unavailable in country/region

Cache data and files 

Poor internet connection 


How to Fix Netflix Subtitles Not Working

If you are facing a problem turning on subtitles on Netflix, then you can follow these steps to fix this issue: 

Check your Netflix Server

It’s important to spot where the problem is, whether it’s with Netflix servers or from your end. Therefore, you should visit the status page of Netflix to check the current situation of the platform. This will help display the Netflix server’s status and notify you about past issues. 

If the Netflix server is down, we suggest you wait until the team sorts everything. However, if there is no issue in the server then you try following the below-mentioned methods to fix the subtitle issue. 

Switch between subtitles 

There might be a glitch that is causing trouble in enabling subtitles on your system. You can try changing the subtitles language to refresh its data and then going back to your preferred language. 

  • Open Netflix 
  • Select any show/movie of your choice 
  • Navigate to the video controls tab 
  • Click on the Subtitle icon 
  • Change the subtitle to another language 
  • Now, go back to the subtitle language you preferred and Exit from the video control tab 

Clear Cache data 

Corrupted data and files on your streaming device, browser, and smart tv can be a major reason behind your subtitles not working properly. To fix this issue you must get rid of all the cache from Netflix. 

Clear cache in Web Browser 

  • Open your browser 
  • Click on the three dots present in the right corner 
  • Select More tools and click on clear browsing data 
  • Now choose the amount of data you want to delete
  • Select cookies, cached images & files, browsing history, and other site data, and click on the “Clear button” 
  • Now exit from chrome and relaunch 

Clearing cache on Smart TV

  • Open your Smart TV and go to settings 
  • Click on Applications 
  • Go to manage installed applications 
  • Select Netflix App 
  • Tap on Clear Cache and select clear data 
  • Now, open Netflix and check whether the subtitles are working 

Re-Login to Your Netflix Account. 

There is a high chance your data has been corrupted during in-use which can originate issues in other features such as subtitles. In such cases, you should log out of your Netflix account for a few minutes and then re-login to refresh the account data.  

How to log out of Android/iOS devices

If you are streaming Netflix on your iOS or Android device then you can log out by following these methods: 

  • Launch Netflix on your iOS or Android device 
  • Click on the Profile option present in the right corner of your display
  • Select Sign out at the bottom

How to log out of Windows 

Windows users can sign out of their account by following these methods: 

  • Open Netflix on your desktop 
  • Tab on more options 
  • Now, click on sign out button 

Try Another Browser

If Netflix subtitles cannot load on a particular browser, then you should try to switch to another browser and observe whether the subtitles are working. Most people use chrome as their source browser for streaming content. You can try switching to opera, firefox, and more. 

Check your Internet connection. 

Apps like Netflix require a good connection to stream any movie or show. If you have a bad internet connection, it can lead to subtitles being unable to load. Therefore, you should recheck your internet speed and might consider changing it with a faster plan. 

Update Netflix App

Using an older version of the Netflix app on your system might be a reason why your subtitles aren’t working properly. New options and features get added to an app every time it’s updated, making it crucial to download the new version. Here is how you can update your Netflix app:

  • Open App store/Play store on your device 
  • Click on “Menu bar”
  • Select my Apps & Games option to enable apps accessible for update 
  • Click on Netflix and select update 

Why Can’t I Get English Subtitles on Netflix?

Most shows on Netflix contain English subtitles for its users. However, if you cannot see English subtitles, then it might be due to the unavailability of subtitle language in certain regions/countries. Another reason why English subtitles are not working could be that the server is done or there are technical issues on your system. 

Netflix Not Showing Subtitles for Foreign Language

Most shows and movies on Netflix have subtitles available in foreign languages. However, if you notice subtitles of a particular language not available, it might be because of content licensing and show agreement. 

English Subtitles Not Working on Netflix

If English subtitles are not working on Netflix, then it might be because of the following reasons: 

  • Your default profile language settings 
  • Glitch or technical issues on your device 
  • Shows/movies not having English content licensing 
  • Weak internet connection 

Netflix Subtitles Not Working Reddit Users’ Reaction

Having trouble with subtitles on streaming devices like Netflix doesn’t always go well with users. Therefore, here we have listed down some of the Reddit user’s reactions to Netflix subtitles not working. 

One user said, “Does anybody have any idea on how to fix these subtitles? It’s been doing this for weeks now”.

To which a user replied, Have you tried changing the languages in the Netflix app and seeing if it will just reload them?

Another user replied saying, “Maybe clear your Netflix cache/cookies in your browser? Or try a different browser altogether (I prefer Firefox) and see if you still have the issue”. 

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