How to Turn ON Subtitles on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has easy subtitle settings that allow users to effortlessly turn on subtitles on their devices within a few seconds. The instructions include navigating to Menu, Subtitles, Select “On,” and your subtitles will be enabled. However, the methods might differ, especially in the case of Smart TVs, as the remote controls are different.

In this article, we are going to list down a step-by-step guide on how to turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime on various devices. 

How to Turn on Subtitles on Amazon Prime Smart Tv/Samsung Tv

To turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime Smart TV/Samsung Tv you need to follow these steps: 

  • Launch Amazon prime on your Samsung TV 
  • Choose any preferred content and play it 
  • While the video is playing click on the navigation button on your Samsung TV 
  • Menu options will appear on the left side of your screen, click on “Subtitles”
  • Choose your preferred subtitle language and subtitles will be turned on

How to Turn on Subtitles on Amazon Prime on Roku

You can enable Subtitles on Amazon Prime on Roku by following these below-mentioned steps: 

  • Firstly, Open Amazon prime on your Roku 
  • Select any content and start streaming 
  • On your Roku remote select the “Play/Pause” button and pause the content to bring playback options 
  • Tap on the “Subtitles” options 
  • Under Subtitles, choose “ON” to turn on subtitles 
  • Press on the Back button and then click on “Play/Pause” again to go back to your video

How to Turn on Subtitles on Amazon Prime Apple Tv

Here’s how you can turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime Apple TV: 

  • Open Amazon Prime on Apple TV 
  • Stream any content of your choice 
  • Slide down on the touchpad of your Apple TV remote 
  • Menu options will be enabled on top of the Apple TV screen 
  • Select “Subtitles” 
  • Under subtitle pick, your preferred subtitle language and subtitles will be turned on

Amazon Prime Subtitles Not Working?

Subtitles on Amazon prime usually work just fine. However, at times you might find troubles while trying to enable subtitles on your device but you can fix this issue by following the below-mentioned solutions: 

Check the default subtitle settings

Amazon prime might provide both subtitles options with or without closed captioning. Therefore, you should navigate to closed captioning on your device. Go to the home screen > Settings > Accessibility > Closed captioning > Turn on captions by toggling. Go back to the amazon prime app on your device and check whether the subtitles are working. 

Restart your device/Reload the page  

Sometimes technical issues can be the reason behind your subtitles not working. In such a case it’s recommended to turn off your device and leave it off for a few minutes and then retry turning on the subtitles on Amazon prime subtitles on your device. 

If you are using a web browser try reloading your web page. You can also try shifting to another browser to check whether subtitles are working. 

Re-check your internet connection 

Streaming content requires a good internet connection. A poor connection can lead to errors such as subtitles not working, video buffering, and more. So, if you are facing trouble with subtitles, you should check your internet and maybe switch to a faster service to avoid any issues. 

Disable subtitles 

If subtitles are not working on your Amazon prime then you should try disabling subtitles or changing the subtitle language to another language and then changing it back to your preferred language. 


One of the simplest ways to solve subtitles queries on Amazon prime is by logging off your Amazon prime account and then re-login after a few minutes. This is a simple yet effective trick for many users. 

Contact Amazon prime video for help

If you have tried various methods and still the subtitles are not working. Then we suggest contacting Amazon prime video help to solve this issue. 

If you are using Amazon prime video on your phone then you can contact them through the app itself. Simply go to my My stuff on your app at the bottom, click on settings and select “Contact Us”. Under contact us describe your concern and choose the contact option (Phone/email) based on your preference. 


The steps to turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime are quite simple and easy. You can easily turn them on and off by simply navigating to Menu and subtitle settings. In this article, we have mentioned all the information regarding How to turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime along with suggesting a few solutions that might be helpful if Amazon prime subtitles are not working. 

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