How to Turn ON/Off Subtitles on Hbo Max

HBO Max is a streaming service that allows its users to stream content with subtitles in various languages. You can turn on and off subtitles on HBO Max by simply enabling the playback options. 

Turning subtitles on HBO Max can help provide a proper translation to those users who don’t understand the primary language. So, let’s look at how to turn subtitles on and off on HBO max. 

Prerequisites for turning on subtitles on HBO Max 

Before we get into how to turn on/off subtitles on HBO Max, let’s first look into a few prerequisites that need to be followed beforehand : 

  • HBO Max subscription 
  • Have a device that is supported by HBO Max such as PC, iPhone or Android, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and more. 
  • Update your HBO Max with the latest version 
  • Have a good internet connection 

Turning on subtitles on HBO Max 

Here are the steps on how to enable subtitles on HBO Max: 

  • Stream any content you prefer on HBO Max
  • Now, tap on your screen to enable playback options 
  • Click on the Audio & subtitles icon present on the right corner
  • Under the subtitles area, turn on subtitles by selecting the language of your choice
  • Click on the “X” icon to save changes and you can go back to watching your content with subtitles 

Turning off subtitles on HBO Max 

The process to turn off subtitles on HBO Max is quite similar and here how you can disable them: 

  • Play any show/movie of your choice on HBO Max 
  • Tap on the screen and playback options will appear 
  • Tab on the Audio & Subtitles option 
  • Select the “Off” option under the subtitles 
  • Lastly, click on “X” and your subtitles will be disabled

How to turn on subtitles on HBO max on smart tv

When it comes to Smart TVs the method to enable subtitles might have some minor differences depending on the device. Here‘s how you can enable subtitles on Smart TV:  

Samsung TV

  • Select your desired content and start streaming 
  • Pause your video on your Samsung TV to enable playback options 
  • Move to the Closed Captioning icon using your Samsung TV remote 
  • Now, toggle the subtitles to “On” 

The subtitles will be enabled and you can enjoy your show/movie with the subtitles. 

Sony TVs

  • Play the content you wish to watch on HBO Max 
  • Select the Play/pause button on your remote to get the playback option
  • Click on the CC symbol and select “On” 
  • You might need to enable subtitles on your TV too, Click on the Home button on the sony tv remote 
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Click on Digital set-up 
  • Now choose subtitle set up and select “ON”  

Google TV 

  • Play any content on HBO Max 
  • Click on the select button on the remote 
  • Scroll and select Audio & Subtitles 
  • Under the subtitles, section choose the subtitle language or select English CC on closed captions 
  • Click “Exit” on your remote to return to your content with subtitles

Tizen TV 

  • Stream any content of your preference 
  • Now, click on the down arrow on the remote
  • Scroll and tap on “Audio & subtitles”
  • Under subtitles click on the language of your choice or English CC under the closed captions option   
  • Click on the back button to save changes

How to turn on subtitles on HBO max Roku

To turn on subtitles on HBO max Roku you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Press the (*) button on your Roku remote 
  • Select the “Closed captioning” option 
  • Now, turn on subtitles by selecting your preferred language 
  • Lastly, click on the arrow button on the left-upper of your Roku remote to go back to the video. 

How to turn on subtitles on HBO max on apple tv

Here is how you can turn on subtitles on HBO max on apple tv: 

  • Play any content you want to watch on HBO Max 
  • Now, Swipe up on your Apple TV and click on the Subtitles option
  • Select the subtitle language to enable your subtitles on the video

How to turn on subtitles on HBO max on firestick

You can turn on subtitles on HBO max by simply using your fire stick remote and by following these easy steps: 

  • Press the menu button (Three lines) on the middle-right of your Firestick Remote 
  • Select “Audio & Subtitles” 
  • Now, click on the subtitle language of your choice and the subtitles will be enabled.  

Common issues and troubleshooting 

Even though the method to turn on subtitles on HBO Max is simple, there are a few issues that HBO viewers face. Here are some of the commonly faced issues and the troubleshooting: 

Delay in subtitles 

One common issue viewers face in HBO Max is its subtitles not appearing on time with the video. However, you can fix this issue by restarting the VPN on your device. 

This will help remove the complications causing the delay in subtitles and help the subtitles to load smoothly and appear on the screen. 

Incorrect subtitles 

Sometimes the reason behind incorrect subtitles could be due to poor network or because of the server being down causing the subtitles unable to load properly. You can fix this issue by switching your internet with a faster connection. 

Along with this, you can also try streaming HBO max in a different browser to check whether the subtitles are working or not. In case, the correct subtitles are still not appearing. Then you can drop a request to the HBO Max helpline. 

Unable to turn off subtitles 

Sometimes no matter how often you try to disable subtitles in the menu option, they just won’t turn off. At times, the major reason behind this issue is cache files, data, and cookies. But you can fix this issue by clearing the cache data on your device. 

  • Open the browser
  • Tap on More options 
  • Click on settings and move to privacy and security 
  • Now, tap on clear browsing data
  • Click on the data you want to get rid of and change the time range with “All times”   
  • Lastly, tap on clear data to remove all the cache and cookies from your browser 

Preferred language of subtitles not available  

HBO Max often provides a wide range of subtitled languages with their content. However, you will sometimes notice few languages are unavailable in your region. 

This is because of content licensing. But you can solve this issue and watch the content in your preferred language by using VPN on your device. Simply get VPN, enter the details, and change the server’s location.  


Turning on or off subtitles on HBO is extremely convenient and easy. You have to enable the playback menu simply, select audio & subtitles, choose your preferred language, and there you go. Along with this, we have also listed a few common issues users face and their solutions. We hope this article has helped you solve all your queries about enabling and disabling subtitles on HBO Max.  

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