How to Turn Off Subtitles on Youtube

Youtube is a popular video-streaming platform that allows its users to stream content from across the world. Along with streaming it also provides subtitles which can be turned on and off by simply navigating to menu options and CC.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to turn off subtitles on Youtube across various devices such as Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, Android, and iPhone. 

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Youtube Smart Tv

To turn off subtitles on youtube Smart TV you need to follow these steps: 

  • Open Youtube App on your Smart TV 
  • Choose your favorite content and play it on the screen 
  • Click on the pause button on your Smart TV remote to bring playback options 
  • Now click on the “CC” icon 
  • Under Subtitles & Closed Captioning, select the “OFF” button to turn off subtitles 
  • Click on the “Back” option exit and press the “Play” button to resume your content 

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Youtube Mobile Permanently [android, Iphone]

You can turn off subtitles temporarily on youtube android and iPhone by simply pausing the video, tapping CC, and clicking on the off button. However, this method doesn’t turn off subtitles permanently. Therefore, to turn off subtitles you need to follow these steps: 

Android Device 

  • Open Youtube on your Android device via a browser 
  • Tap on the three dots visible on the right corner of your screen or you can also select your profile image to enable menu options 
  • Select Playback and performance option 
  • Uncheck or Deselect “Always show captions” to disable subtitles permanently on your Android device 
  • You can exit the menu option and the changes will be saved on your device 

iPhone Device 

  • Launch Youtube on your iPhone Device via a browser
  • Click on the profile picture or three dots on your screen and menu options will appear 
  • Now, click on “Playback and performance” 
  • Deselect “Always show captions” and subtitles will be turned off permanently 

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Youtube Roku

Here’s how you can turn off subtitles on Youtube Roku: 

  • Launch Youtube on your Roku TV 
  • Play any content you wish to watch 
  • Now press the “asterisk” button on Roku remote and playback options will appear 
  • Navigate to “CC” and select “OFF” 
  • That’s it and youtube subtitles will be turned off

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Youtube Apple Tv

To turn off subtitles on Youtube Apple TV you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Open Youtube on your Apple TV 
  • Play any video of your choice 
  • Now, scroll down on your Apple Tv remote touchpad and tap on the screen to Pause the video, and menu options will appear on the screen
  • Click on the “CC” options 
  • Select the “OFF” button to disable subtitles on youtube Apple Tv

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Youtube Firestick

Subtitles on Youtube Firestick can be enabled by following these steps: 

  • Open Youtube 
  • Search for the video you want to watch and play it 
  • Click on the “Pause” button on your Firestick remote 
  • Tap on the “CC’’ icon visible on the left side of your screen 
  • Now, using the Up or Down button, select “OFF” and subtitles will be turned off on youtube Firestick 
  • Press the “Back” button to exit “CC” 
  • Click on the “Play” button to resume the video you are watching

Youtube Subtitles Keep Turning on What to Do

If you have turned off subtitles on youtube but still witness subtitles keep turning on then you can follow these methods to fix this issue: 

Turn off default settings on your Device 

Sometimes your subtitles keep turning back on because of the default settings on your device. However, you can turn it off by following these steps. 

  • Open youtube on your device via a browser 
  • Click on three-dots 
  • Select Settings 
  • Under settings, tap on Playback and performance 
  • Now, untick “Always show captions” 
  • Then, Untick includes auto-generated captions and subtitles will be turned off  

Turn off the default Caption settings on your Smart TV 

Another reason behind subtitles keep turning up on your screen might be because of default captions settings being turned on in your Smart TV. However, you can turn it off by following these steps: 

  • Go to “Home Screen” 
  • Navigate to Settings 
  • Click on General and select Accessibility 
  • Under Accessibility, Tap on “Captions”
  • Now, click on “OFF” to disable captions on your screen

Update the youtube App 

Using an older version of the youtube app might cause a few technical issues, which can be why subtitles do not turn off. Therefore, you should check for youtube app updates on your device. 

  • Open Play Store/App store on your device
  • Click on the Avatar button 
  • Now, Select Manage Apps & device 
  • Click on Updates available to check all the updates 
  • Scroll and find Youtube 
  • Click on the Update button and wait for a few minutes for the app to install 
  • Once the app is updated, open youtube and try again

Restart the device 

Sometimes the best and most effective solution lies in the simplest methods. Turn the power off or close your device and wait for a few minutes, then restart the device and try again. Many users have found this method useful so you should give this method a shot. 


In this article, we have discussed how to turn off subtitles on Youtube on various devices such as Android and iPhone, Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, and Apple TV. Apart from this, we have also discussed the potential reasons behind the subtitles being unable to turn off and how you can fix this issue. 

We hope through this article, all your queries were answered; if there are any doubts, then tell us in the comments. 

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