How to Turn Off Subtitles on Samsung Tv

Turning off subtitles on Samsung TV is quite an easy process and you can effortlessly achieve it by following a few simple actions in the Settings and Accessibility section. 

In this article, we are going to mention a step-by-step direction on how to turn off subtitles on Samsung Tv. Apart from this, we will also mention the difference between closed captions and subtitles. 

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Samsung Tv 

Here are the steps on how to turn off subtitles on Samsung TV:  

Step 1: Go to the “Home Screen” of your Samsung TV and click on Settings button. 

Step 2: Now Select General and Click on “Accessibility

Step 3: Click on “Caption Setting” and click on the caption to turn it off. 

(Note: Green dot next to the caption is an indication that subtitles are on) 

There are three different options available for subtitles in the Caption Settings. 

Subtitle Options on Samsung TV 

To enhance the experience of the viewers, there are three different caption options available: 

  1. Digital Caption Options

This option lets you choose the subtitle’s appearance on your screen. You can change subtitles’ color, style, size, and background color using this option.

  1. Caption Mode 

The caption mode option allows you to choose subtitle language. However, the available languages will be dependent on the broadcasters. 

  1. Separate Closed Caption 

To help make your reading process easier, separate closed caption display subtitles in different areas of the screen. 

Can’t Turn Off Subtitles on Samsung Tv—What to Do?

It’s common for people to face difficulty in turning off subtitles on Samsung tv at times. But you can easily get rid of this issue by following these methods: 

  1. Use Accessibility Shortcuts 

Most new versions of Samsung TVs contain Accessibility shortcuts that allow you to turn off captions easily. 

Click on the mute button on your Samsung Tv remote and hold it for a few seconds and the Accessibility shortcut menu will appear on the screen. 

Now scroll down and select the Caption option and disable it. 

  1. Clear Cache

One of the reasons behind your Subtitles not turning off could be Cache. You can access all the features and apps of your Samsung Tv through Smart Hub. Go to the smart hub and click on settings and choose clear cache.  

  1. Enable and Disable the captions

Sometimes the subtitles available on the Samsung Tv won’t turn off due to technical errors. You can resolve this issue by enabling the subtitles in any preferred language and then disabling them again. 

  1. Turn off your Samsung TV 

At times you have to try out the most basic solution to get rid of the problem. Simply turn off your Samsung Tv for a few minutes and then Restart. For some people this solution has been quite effective. 

Subtitles Vs. Closed Captions on Samsung Tv

Most people assume Subtitles and Closed captions are the same, But in reality, both terms are completely different with different goals. 

Subtitles were primarily made for those people who don’t understand the source language of the video. Like we see in various streaming devices such as Netflix, prime video, and more. 

For example, most people don’t understand the source language of anime shows. Thus, broadcasters provide subtitles in different languages to help people understand the content.

There can be an end number of languages available in subtitles depending on the streaming device and broadcaster. 

On the other hand, closed Captions (CC) were made for people with a hearing impairment. Through CC, most of the audio is communicated to the viewers. 

Along with the audio, closed captions also include sound effects, noise descriptions, and more. This is the major difference between subtitles and closed captions. 

Samsung TV will exhibit them according to the source subtitles and closed captions.


In this article, we have discussed how to turn off subtitles on Samsung TV, including what you can do if you cannot turn off subtitles on Samsung Tv. 

Also, we have all mentioned the difference between subtitles and closed captions and how both terms fulfill different requirements. 

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