How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix

Netflix allows you to turn off subtitles across various devices by selecting the subtitle settings. If you are using a Smart TV you can enable the subtitle option by using your Smart TV remote. 

In this article, we are going to talk about how to turn off subtitles on Netflix across various devices such as PC, Apple TVs, Roku, and more. 

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix Web

Here are the steps that you need to follow to turn off subtitles on Netflix Web: 

  • Launch Netflix on your device via the browser 
  • Stream any movie or tv show you want to watch 
  • Tap on the screen and playback options will be enabled 
  • Click on the “Captions icon” on the right corner of your screen
  • Now select “Off” in the subtitle option 

Your subtitles are now disabled and you can go back to streaming your favorite content. 

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix Apple Tv

If you are streaming content on apple tv and wonder to turn off subtitles then here’s how you can do it: 

  • Launch Netflix on your Apple TV 
  • Stream any show or movie of your preference 
  • Click on the down button on your Apple remote
  • Now, swipe right to enable the subtitles menu 
  • Under the subtitle section select “Off” to turn subtitles off 

Note: If you are streaming Netflix on an old version of Apple TV. Then you can enable the subtitles menu by pressing the “OK” button for a few seconds on your Apple Tv remote.  

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix Roku

Here are the steps through which you can turn off subtitles on Netflix Roku: 

  • Launch Netflix on your Roku TV 
  • Press on the Up/Down button on your Roku TV remote to enable the options bar
  • Now go to the Audio and Subtitle menu. 
  • Under the subtitle section select “OFF” to disable subtitles 

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix Apps [iphone and Android]

The procedure to turn off subtitles on Netflix iPhone and Android are quite similar. Follow these steps to disable subtitles: 

iPhone Users 

  • Open Netflix on your iPhone 
  • Launch any show or movie of your choice 
  • Tap on your screen and playback options will appear 
  • Click on the “Audio and Subtitles” option 
  • Under the Subtitle option select “Off” 
  • Now, you can enjoy the show/movie without any subtitles  

Android Users

  • Open the Netflix on your Android 
  • Play your desired movie/tv show
  • Tab on the screen using your fingertips and enable playback options
  • Press on the “Audio & Subtitles” option
  • Click on the “Off” option to disable subtitles   

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix Firestick

Subtitles can be easily disabled on Firestick using the firestick remote, and here’s how to use it: 

  • Open Netflix on your Fire TV
  • Play a series or tv series you want to watch 
  • Press the “Down Arrow” button on your Firestick remote and click on the dialog icon 
  • The subtitle menu will appear on the screen. Click “Off” and the subtitles will be disabled. 

Netflix Subtitles Won’t Turn Off They Keep Turning on What to Do

Bugs, cache, and not updating your Netflix app can be some of the reasons behind subtitles not turning off. However, you can fix these issues by following these simple methods on your device:

Turn off and Restart your device 

Too much streaming can cause technical glitches in devices such as Apple TV, Roku, FireStick, and more. Therefore, If you are unable to turn off subtitles on Netflix, then you should turn off your device for a few minutes and then restart it. This has been an effective method for many users. 

Update Netflix App

Another reason behind the subtitles issue is not updating the app. Developers keep adding new options and fixing issues with a new app versions. Therefore, it’s important to update the Netflix app on your device. Follow these steps to update: 

  • Open the Play store or App store and press on the menu icon under the search bar 
  • Click on my apps and games option to see the apps available for updates
  • Find Netflix on the list and Click on Update
  • Within a few minutes, your Netflix app will be updated 

Change the appearance of the Subtitle 

If you are unable to get rid of subtitles on Netflix on your device, then you should try changing the subtitle appearance method. Netflix allows its users to change subtitles that appear on the screen. 

Thus, you can use it to hide the captions by blacking them out. This way, the subtitles will be present, but you won’t be able to see them. Follow these steps to hide subtitles by blacking them out: 

  • Open Netflix via browser 
  • Navigate to the account settings and click on the options menu 
  • Select the profile you are using 
  • Now click on change in front of the Subtitle Appearance 
  • Make changes in the subtitles by making the font color black, changing the size to small, and replacing the background color of the font with black. 
  • Click on “Save” for the changes to apply. 

Since the subtitle text and background are black, you won’t be able to see subtitles on your screen. However, you will see a black strip which will be present in a small font. 

Clear Cache 

Cache files and bugs can be a reason behind subtitles not turning off on your device. In such cases, you should clear cache data by going to the settings options on your device, clicking on Netflix, and clearing the cache.


In this post, we have mentioned how to turn off subtitles on Netflix across different devices. Also, we have discussed a few helpful methods that can help disable subtitles if the subtitles won’t turn off. We hope this article was helpful to you. 

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