HBO Max Subtitles Not Working – Here’s How to Fix

HBO Max is a streaming platform that provides content in various languages along with subtitles to help users understand the content better. However, one common issue faced by users on a large scale is its subtitles not working properly. Technical issues and corrupted files and data are considered the major reason behind subtitles not working on HBO Max.

In this article, we are going to discuss HBO Max subtitles not working as well as how you can fix this issue across all devices.

Why Hbo Max Subtitles Not Working

There can be multiple reasons behind your subtitles not working on HBO Max. In general, technical issues in the system can be considered the major reason behind subtitles issues. Apart from this other reasons that can cause trouble with subtitles are as follows: 

  • HBO Max Server’s down
  • A glitch in your device 
  • Subtitles settings not enabled
  • Poor internet connection
  • Cache and bugs 
  • HBO Max app has not been updated 

How to Fix Hbo Max Subtitles Not Working

There can be multiple reasons behind subtitles not working however you can fix this issue by following a few of these solutions: 

Check the Server’s status 

If you are facing difficulties in subtitles on HBO Max then it might be because the server is down. In such cases, you should run through a check on the downdetector. This will display whether your streaming service HBO is having any issues in the area or whether the service isn’t operational. If this is the reason then you can’t do anything else except wait for it to turn back online. 

Turn off your device

Sometimes the most effective solution lies in the simplest ways. Turn off your Android, iPhone, Smart TV, Xbox, or any device you are using, and wait for a few minutes. Now, turn back on your device and try turning on subtitles again. This solution has been quite effective for many users as turning your device off and on again fixes the temporary glitches on your system and allows a smooth run of content. 

Switch to a Different Device 

Switching to a different device can help re-check whether there is an issue with the device or server. If you are streaming HBO Max on your PC in chrome then try switching to a different browser such as Firefox, or Opera or you can even try streaming HBO Max on your Android/iPhone. Sometimes a server can be the reason behind subtitles not working. Therefore you should try changing your device or browser. 

Re-check the subtitles settings 

Sometimes changes made in subtitles settings don’t get saved due to glitches or slow internet therefore you try rechecking your subtitles settings and ensure you have turned them on. 

  • Play the content you want to watch 
  • Click on the speech bubble icon 
  • Under subtitles click on your preferred language 

If you are streaming on your PC then you can even try refreshing the video. 

Update HBO Max App 

Not updating your HBO Max app on your device can lead to issues like subtitles not working on your device. So, you should make sure your app is always updated. Here’s how you can do it: 

  • Open Play Store or App Store app 
  • Tap on the profile icon 
  • Click on “Manage apps & device”
  • Search for HBO Max App 
  • If the update is available click on update and wait for a few seconds till the app is downloaded
  • Now, open the HBO Max app and check if the subtitles are working 

Weak Internet Connection 

To stream content on platforms like HBO Max you require a good internet connection if your network is weak there is a high chance that changes made in your subtitles settings won’t be applied on your screen. Therefore, you should check your internet connection. 

Clear the Cache 

If you are watching HBO Max on your device then you should clear the cache on your browser and here’s how you can do it: 


Here’s how you can clear corrupted files and data on HBO Max on your android device: 

  • Open settings on your Android phone 
  • Navigate to “Apps” and click on HBO Max 
  • Tap on “Storage” 
  • Now, simply click on “Clear Cache” and that’s it. 


If you are using an Apple device then you can’t clear the cache on the HBO Max app. However, you can get rid of corrupted files by uninstalling and then reinstalling the app on your App store. 

PC or laptop

Here’s how you can clear data on your laptop or PC: 

  • Open your browser 
  • Click on the three-dots 
  • Tap on History  
  • Now, Click on “Clear browsing data”
  • Select a time range and tick on “browsing data”, “cached image & files” and “cookies and other sites” 
  • Lastly, select “Clear Data” 

Clearing browser data will help remove all the unwanted files and bugs from your browser and ensure a smooth run of content. 

Contact HBO Max 

If you have everything and still are unable to get subtitles on HBO Max then you should contact customer service, HBO Max. You can connect with them through phone, email, or messaging by going to their help center. 

There may be an internal subtitle issue in the system that can be fixed from the user’s end therefore, you should contact the help center. 


HBO Max Closed Caption Problem

In general, HBO Max closed caption works fine. However, few users have faced issues related to closed captions on their HBO Max platform. The main cause for closed captioning not working is corrupted files and data on your device so, it’s recommended to clear your data on your HBO Max app and the device you are using to stream. 

However, there can be other reasons behind closed captioning not working properly such as glitches, weak internet, the server is down, the app not updated, and more. 

HBO Max Subtitles Keep Turning on

Usually, subtitles should turn off once you have disabled it under the subtitles settings on HBO Max. However, if the subtitles still keep turning on then it might be because the original video contains by default and it can’t be disabled, Closed captioning on your device is turned on, Changes made in subtitles are not saved, the app is not updated, and more. 

HBO Max Subtitles Not Working Roku

The Roku device itself contains a closed captioning setting in the device. Therefore, it’s important to enable captions on your Roku device to bring subtitles on HBO Max, and here’s how you can enable closed captioning on Roku: 

  • Start launching your Roku tv and click on the Play/Pause button on the title you wish to stream 
  • Now, Tap on the asterisk “*” button on your Roku remote
  • Navigate to settings and click on Closed captioning 
  • Select “On” and enable subtitles 
  • Press the “Back” button on your remote to exit closed captioning 

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You can easily subtitle issues on HBO Max by simply following the above-mentioned methods on your device and app. In case none of them work you can contact the customer service of HBO Max through email or phone. 

This article has mentioned all the information that can help you fix HBO Max subtitles not working on your device. We hope all your queries were resolved.

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