Download subtitles

If you are looking to download subtitles for a particular DVD release, we regret to say that at present does NOT offer subtitles download.

This site and all its content is aimed purely to be an information resource for people trying to find out if DVD releases have English subtitles, which DVD releases have been properly subtitled, or what subtitled DVDs are available within certain categories.

Viewing a non-subtitled DVD with subtitles

It is physically not possible to add subtitles to a commercial DVD release. A commercial DVD, once written, cannot be changed.

However, it is possible to download subtitles which can be made to appear while playing a DVD movie on your computer. The easiest way to do this on a Windows PC is to play the DVD with Media Player Classic and load the subtitles from File->Load Subtitles.

Adding subtitles to DivX/Xvid formats

It is quite easy to add subtitles to popular electronic video formats such as DivX or XviD. Video from some DVDs can be converted to these formats and there are websites which allow you to download subtitles files so that subtitles can be added to the converted files.

To add subtitles to a DivX or XviD format movie on a PC running Windows, you need to install a DirectShow filter such as DirectVobSub.

Once the filter is installed, Windows Media Player can show subtitles in DivX and Xvid movies. However, the subtitle file for a movie needs to be downloaded, correctly named and placed in the correct directory. These files usually have a ".sub" or ".srt" file extension. Once the file is present and correct, the player should automatically read the file and show the subtitles.