How to Fix Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

Most people face the issue of subtitles not working even when they have turned them on. However, you can easily fix this issue by following some simple methods on your device such as clearing the cache, restarting your device, updating the app, and more. 

In this article, we are going to mention the top ways how to fix Disney plus subtitles not working.   

Why Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

It’s common for Disney plus subscribers to face difficulty in enabling subtitles on their screens. In most cases, Technical issues are the major reason behind this problem. Along with technical issues, other potential reasons for subtitles not working are: 

  • Cache data and files 
  • Weak internet connection 
  • Subtitle language not available in the region 
  • The issue in the server 

How to Fix Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

If your Disney plus subtitles are not working then you should try the following methods to fix the issue: 

Log Off and Log In again 

Errors and bugs in the application can be a major reason behind the subtitles not working. Therefore, you should try restarting your application to eliminate this issue. If you are streaming on Disney Plus Website or App simply log off and then login in again. 

Restart your Device

Restarting the device has been an effective method that has fixed the problem for many subscribers. Thus, you should turn off your device, wait for 2 to 3 minutes and then restart it. This might fix the subtitle issue. 

Update Disney Plus 

Another potential reason behind the subtitles not working could be not updating your Disney Plus App. Therefore, open the app store or play store on your device, check if there are any updates available for Disney Plus, and install it. Updating your Application might help fix subtitles issues. 

Clear Cache Data

Cache data in your Disney Plus app might be why your Disney Plus subtitle is not working properly. However, you can fix this issue by following the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Open “Settings” on your Device
  • Click on Application and then select Disney Plus 
  • Press on “Force Stop” 
  • Now, Press the Back option on your device 
  • Click on “Clear Cache” and your data will be cleared

Enable Closed-Captioning 

Most devices contain a hidden option of closed-captioning, allowing you to turn on captions on videos whenever you want. Therefore, if your subtitles are not working, then you should try enabling this option on your device. Here’s how you can enable closed captioning: 

Android Users 

  • Open Settings on your Android Device 
  • Click on the “Accessibility” tab 
  • Now, Click on Closed Captioning Preferences 
  • Tab on Enable to turn on the feature on your device

iPhone Users 

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone 
  • Click on “Accessibility” 
  • Go to Listen to icon and click on “Closed Caption” 
  • Select “On” and enable closed captioning + SDH 
  • Now, open Disney Plus on your iPhone and check whether the subtitles work. 

Use VPN on your device 

Sometimes subtitles of a particular language are unavailable in a certain region or country. However, you can try using a VPN on the device to enable the subtitle as VPN connects your device to another country. This should enable your preferred subtitle on your device. 

Switch to better Internet 

Disney plus requires a good internet connection to stream shows and movies. Weak internet can lead to subtitles not being able to load, which might be why subtitles do not work on your device. Therefore, you should check your Network connection. 

Why Does Disney Plus Not Translate?

The translation option on Disney Plus varies based on the region and country. If the content you are streaming doesn’t have access to a specific language, then the translated version is unavailable in your region.  

Disney Not Showing Subtitles for Foreign Language?

Disney Plus supports subtitles in foreign languages, and most of Disney Plus’s content already has subtitles in foreign languages. 

However, if you find a movie or show not having subtitles in a particular foreign language, then Disney doesn’t have subtitling rights for that particular content.  


In this article, we have discussed the top ways how to fix Disney plus subtitles not working. Along with that, we have also mentioned the top causes behind subtitles having trouble. We hope this article was helpful for you and all your queries are solved. 

If you have any further doubts, then let us know in the comments. 

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