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Advance Your Career (2005) (Deleted)£11.33
Ambient Sleep (Retail / Rental)£24.99
Angels (2008) (Retail Only)£6.99
Assessment Centres (2011) (Retail Only) 
Barefoot Doctor: Meditate (2008) (Retail / Rental)£36.99
A Beginner's Guide to Feng Shui (Retail / Rental)£12.99
Boost Your Confidence (2010) (With CD) (Retail Only) 
Chakra's Dream: Meditation (Deleted)£9.99
Chakra's Dream: Relaxation (Retail / Rental)£9.99
Chakra's Dream: Stress (Deleted)£9.99
A Complete Mind, Body and Soul Workout (2005) (Retail / Rental)£19.99
Complete Relaxation (2006) (Deleted)£24.29
Conquer Agoraphobia and Social Phobia With Charles Linden (Retail / Rental)£16.99
Conquer Anxiety and Panic Attacks With Charles Linden (Deleted)£16.99
Conquer Generalized Anxiety Disorder With Charles Linden (Deleted)£10.99
Conquer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With Charles Linden (Deleted)£16.99
Conquer Panic Disorder and Panic Attacks With Charles Linden (Deleted)£10.99
Cosmic Ordering (Deleted)£12.99
A Course in Miracles (2000) (Retail / Rental)£18.23
Creating a New Earth: Season 1 (2011) (Box Set) (Retail / Rental) 
Creating Successful Relationships (Box Set) (Box Set) (Retail / Rental)£14.99
Creating Successful Relationships: Volume 1 (2003) (Retail / Rental)£19.99
Creating Successful Relationships: Volume 2 (2003) (Retail / Rental)£19.99
The CV Experts (2010) (Retail Only)£17.99
Discover Feng Shui with Jenny Liu (2005) (Retail / Rental)£19.99
Dream Therapy (2004) (Retail / Rental)£5.97
Drive the DVD - A Comprehensive Driving Aid (Approved By the DLA) (2007) (Deleted)£12.50
Eckhart Tolle: Deepening the Dimension of Stillness (2013) (Retail / Rental) 
Eckhart Tolle: Meditation (2013) (Retail / Rental) 
Erwin McManus: Wide Awake (2008) (Deleted)£20.88
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