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This is the ultimate online resource for subtitle users. Are you a DVD enthusiast who always checks that a DVD has English subtitles before buying? Ever bought a 'subtitled' DVD and discovered that in fact only the movie is subtitled, and all those extra features on that '2-disc special edition set' are not? Are you frustrated that you cannot find a music or exercise DVD with subtitles? If so, this website is for you!

Are you frustrated at the lack of subtitles for DVDs that you want? Complain here!!!

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Subtitling ratings:

Well subtitled
Partly subtitled
Main feature only
Probably subtitled
Probably not subtitled
See Explanation of Ratings for a full description of all the ratings used on is maintained and updated by devoted and loyal members of the site. If you are passionate about films and DVDs and need English subtitles to enjoy them, why not contribute subtitling information on DVDs you own - so that other DVD enthusiasts can also enjoy the same subtitled DVDs? Rate and comment on DVDs you own or rent - this information is so important to us and all the people who use this website to check for English subtitles on DVDs that they want.

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